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Aikido Videos and DVDs from George Ledyard Sensei

AikidoDvds.Com offers the finest in instructional  Aikido videos for sale from George Ledyard Shihan, Aikido 7th Dan and direct student of Mitsugi Saotome Shihan. Video titles from  other top teachers such as William Gleason, Kevin Choate, Dan Messisco, Kimberly Richardson, Mary Heiny, and Hiroshi Ikeda, are also available.

These are instructional Aikido videos and DVDs. Most were filmed live at seminars at the Aikido Eastside Dojo in Bellevue, WA or at other local venues like the great Two Cranes Aikido in Seattle. The material is principle based, body centered Aikido instruction and is quite different than many of the standard demonstration type videos that lack clear explanation.

"I have purchased a number of Ledyard Sensei's Video's. Sensei presents his ideas in a methodical way such that you can build skill sets and explore what makes Aikido dynamic and vital. No matter your experience there are ideas here to challenge your practice. Be brave! They address the underlying sensitivity and awareness necessary to engage with your partner without fighting yet remain martial. Anytime I need inspiration for my next class, an idea to funnel my energy, a why a technique works, they are my go to source."

- Kelly Purdue, Okanagan Aikikai

We have made all of our DVD titles available in two downloadable formats as well as physical DVDs.  A few titles are available as download s only. An ISO File will allow you to burn your own DVD for viewing on your set top unit or computer. A smaller .mp4 or .m2ts file is formatted for portable devices. If you choose to purchase the downloadable content, you may download either or both. Here is an article about how to burn ISO files to a DVD in case you need some help:

Burning an ISO File to DVD
Free ISO Burner Program

Also, since these are very large files, you might find it helpful to use the free Microsoft Download Manager. It was designed to help with larger downloads like these and folks have had good luck with it. Mac users might consider Folx

We believe that these Aikido videos and DVDs represent some of the best instruction on how to do Aikido with Aiki and Internal Power that can be found anywhere and we guarantee that you will agree.