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Lino cut and woodblock prints from George Ledyard

I am an amatuer and aspiring print artist. I do lino cuts and traditional Japanese mokuhanga (woodblock prints). I have been sharing my art and my process for the last year on my FaceBook Page and a number of folks have enquired how they might acquire some of my work.

I have sold quite a few pieces at seminars at Aikido at which I taught but with the current lock down measures, in person contact is impossible. There are no seminars taking place and everyone’s dojos are closed.

So, I decided to use my already existing video website to show and sell some of my art. The goal here is to pay for my on-going art classes and the cost of my supplies. Since I am a relative beginner to the print arts and am not a professional artist, I have not priced these works at professional prices. I would ask that the small flaws that you may find may be overlooked. I am constntaly getting better at his but my work is not perfect.

Some of these pieces are “reduction prints”. This means that the blocks were destroyed in the process of producing them. So however many there are, there will be no more.

Others, are single block or multi block prints that I can reproduce over and over. Later versions will vary a bit, sometimes substantially as I experiment with color but the essential design will stay the same.

The pieces are all framed using off the rack frames to keep the price down. I do my own mats so the mat color is coordinated with the print for best effect.

Shipping is included in the price charged. So, the price you see is a delivered top your door price. At least right now, I can only ship within the US. Shipping overseas would make the shipping cost more than what I charge for the print itself which seems unworkable.

I hope folks enjoy that and that many pieces can find good homes where they will be loved and appreciated.
– George Ledyard

See the Prints Available