Aikido Randori – Dealing with Multiple Attackers in Aikido



Available Again! The Principles of Randori in Aikido was first produced as a “video manual” back in 2003. It was originally only available as a PowerPoint presentation on DVD view-able on a PC. It has been unavailable for a while but due to popular demand we have brought it back in an updated format.

Now we have remastered much of the video content and reassembled it in standard DVD format (available as an ISO file for download and burning yourself) as well as a smaller .m2ts download for viewing on portable devices.

This instructional Aikido video contains detailed explanation of the movement principles and strategy behind Aikido Randori as well as discussion and demonstration the role of the attention, the “will” or attitude, how to place ones attention, breathing, grounded movement, and much more. To our knowledge there is no other Aikido video instruction commercially available covering this material.

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