2013 William Gleason Sensei – Aikido and Internal Power Seminar



Two DVD Set on Aikido and Internal Power
In 2013 William Gleason taught this Aikido seminar at Aikido Eastside on Aikido principles and how to use internal power and aiki rather than mere muscle power in ones technique. Gleason Sensei, Aikido 7th Dan, teaches internationally and is the author of two books on Aikido. His instruction is body centered, clear, and is probably amongst the best instruction on Aikido available anywhere.

Note:  When we filmed the first half of Gleason Sensei’s seminar, there was a technical glitch and the microphone picked up the ambient sound. The second half of the seminar, the wireless mic was functioning and the sound is our usual quality. We used audio editing software to clean up the ambient sound track and we felt that it was usable. The material in this seminar was so good that we didn’t want to not put it out there even though the sound quality on the first half wasn’t quite up to our standard.

These Aikido DVDs are now available in two formats as Aikido video downloads.  A very large ISO file which allows you to burn your own copy of the DVD and a much smaller .mp4, .m4v, or .m2ts file formatted for viewing on a portable device.

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