Aikido – Mind Body Principles

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George Ledyard Sensei, Aikido 7th Dan

George Ledyard Sensei, Aikido 7th Dan has been training in Aikido for 40 years. He is a direct student of Mitsugi Saotome Shihan counts Hiroshi Ikeda, William Gleason, Howard Popkin and Joe Brogna (Daito Ryu Ginjukai), Mary Heiny, Tom Read, Endo Seichiro, and Dan Harden as strong influences on his Aikido. Ledyard Sensei is known for his body centered, principle based instruction and his ability to make complex principles comprehensible.

Josh Drachman Sensei, Aikido 6th Dan

Josh Drachman Sensei, Aikido 6th Dan, is a long time direct student of Mitsugi Saotome Shihan. In addition to Aikido he has an extensive background in Daito Ryu Aikijutsu, Internal Power training, and Ushiro Karate. In addition he translated Ushiro Kenji Sensei’s “Karate and Ki” into English and along with Steve Earle, translated Saotome Sensei’s “A Light on Transmission” as well. Drachman Sensei is one of the best “articulators” of the complex mind / body principles at work in Aikido teaching in English.

Aikido – Mind Body Principles was filmed at a four day Aikido seminar which Ledyard and Drachman Senseis co-taught at Aikido Eastside. The material covered in this set of videos is unique to our knowledge. It focuses, not on technique, but on the principles that make the techniques work with “aiki”. The seminar contained extensive instruction on the use of the “intent” to unify the body and provide a solid structural platform for all Aikido waza. The quality of the physical touch and how the “intent” is used before physical contact to create “connection is a central them as well as how this works to create “kuzushi on contact” the goal of all Aikido technique. The principles contained here are not style specific and Aikido students from any lineage will be able to apply the principles contained here to take their practice to another level.

This four day seminar yielded a massive amount of instructional video footage, over ten hours. We have chosen to make it available in download form only since in physical DVD form it would have been 8 Discs. You will receive download links to 8 separate clips, each at least on hour.

2 reviews for Aikido – Mind Body Principles

  1. Alejandro Arrufat (verified owner)

    Is very nice to see high level aikido people showing you what they are learning, how they are learning and how they think about it, instead of trying to teach you how to do technique. That’s the real value of this videos and what make it an invaluable source of knowledge.

  2. Will Duncan (verified owner)

    Awesome. I own most of Ledyard Sensei’s dvds, and in my opinion, this is the best yet. I really want to attend this seminar, but I don’t know when I will be able too, so when I saw this set I was excited to watch it. I love his style of instruction and the way he explains things. This is the first I had seen of Drachman Sensei, other than as an uke in other dvds. He is an excellent teacher, and I hope to see more soon. If you want to possess the soft touch and operate with Aiki, get this and start watching it now. I had the biggest breakthrough while watching this seminar. I have been working and thinking about this stuff non stop for a long time and something clicked when i was watching. It totally changed the way I see Aikido. I had been so close and on the right path, but didn’t get it 100%. These dvd’s tied a bunch of things together for me. I’m sure if you are serious about transforming your Aikido, this is a really good place to start.

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