The Principles of Aiki Aikido DVD Series – Vol 1 with George Ledyard (3 DVD Set)

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Volume 1: The Principles of Aiki (3 DVDs)

This is a three Aikido DVD set with both demonstration and lecture material. It is less a technique video than an exposition of the principles of Aikido technique in both empty hand and sword work delineating the principles of aiki which govern all Aikido technique. This set should be of interest to students of Aikido at all levels. The principles demonstrated apply to all Aikido technique regardless of style.

This title is available in download form only.  This includes a  very large ISO file which allows you to burn your own copy of the DVD and a much smaller .mp4 or .m2ts file formatted for viewing on a portable device. This title is no longer available in physical DVD format.

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3 reviews for The Principles of Aiki Aikido DVD Series – Vol 1 with George Ledyard (3 DVD Set)

  1. Alejandro Arrufat

    If you want to develop your Aikido from its fundamental principles, this is a must have. Ledyard sensei does a great work explaining what lies behind aikido techniques and why they are working. In this dvd’s he gives detailed explanations and clear demonstrations on this principles and how to practice them correctly. I have lots of aikido dvd’s and those are among those i watch more frequently.

  2. Larry

    2005 Principles of Aikido Seminar

    As a 25+ year student of Aikido and
    as a teacher of a few dedicated students
    as well as many new students, I found this
    3 DVD set to be a great instructional digest
    for all levels.
    Ledyard Sensei has the ability to get to the
    heart of the matter in each technique he is
    working on. And explain it in a manner that
    can be understood by the beginner and yet
    deepen the well practiced Aikido student’s
    I will make sure all my students watch this
    DVD set.

  3. Will Duncan (verified owner)

    This is an excellent training tool. Ledyard Sensei’s videos go hand in hand with your physical training. Observing training and instruction is far too underutilized. I have gained so much insight and understanding from watching his dvd’s. I think it would be impossible not to improve your Aikido by watching this dvd set. His explanations are clear and easy to understand. His love of Aikido and teaching shine through. Overall a fantastic product.

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