Hokusai Tribute – Woodblock Print



12″ x 15″
Mokuhanga (Traditional Japanese Woodblock Print)
On handmade Japanese Washi
Framed, single mat

This is the same design as the Hokusai Tribute linocut but done as a woodblock print. Two blocks of Shina plywood were carved. No press is involved in mokuhanga. The blocks are inked and the paper is placed carefully on the blocks and rubbed with one or more “baren”, discs that transfer the ink to the paper evenly.

The ink on mokuhanga is water color which creates a different feel and texture from the oil based ink used with a press in linocuts. Usually the colors are a bit less bold.

The price includes the framing, single mat, and shipping anywhere in the US.

Hokusai Tribute Woodblock by George LedyardUnframed

Hokusai Tribute Woodblock by George Ledyard

Framed, Single Mat


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