Triple Wave



Small 10″ X 12″
Hand Pulled Lino Cut
Matted (Misc colors) and Framed

This triple wave derived from the three tomoe designs seen in Japanese crests. The tomoe is a “water” symbol and here that symbolism is made overt.

The print is a lino cut. It was “hand pulled” meaning a glass baren was used to rub the paper to get the ink to transfer rather than the usual press. This was purposely done to give the print the look of a rubbing taken off a stone carving. So the rougher texture was intentional.

The print is mounted on top of the mat board rather than under it. Mat color will vary. If you express a preference I will attempt to provide one that fits.

The price includes framing, mat, and shipping anywhere in the US.

Wave lino cut by George Ledyard




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