William Gleason Sensei at Aikido Eastside – Fall 2018



Aikido Eastside has hosted William Gleason Sensei every year for almost twenty years. In our opinion Gleason Sensei is one of the pre-eminent teachers of Aikido anywhere. His ability to articulate the principles that function within the outer form of the art is unparalleled.

We can think of no other teacher that, in the course of just one weekend, can leave the student with so much tangible information and such clear ideas about what to work on and how to go about.

This video title is the latest in a series of videos filmed at Gleason Sensei’s seminars at Aikido Eastside. Filmed in the Fall of 2018, it reflects his most recent understanding of his own Aikido as well as the most up to date explanations that he has work out teaching nationally and internationally.

This title has four volumes. Each is available in large format and a smaller format more suitable for portable devices. It is not available in physical DVD form, only in download form.
Note: just a reminder… we highly recommend the use of a download manager program as these are large files, especially the large format clips


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